• We create marketing strategies using traditional and modern communication channels.

  • We conduct research that allows us to offer optimal marketing solutions.

To build a strategy for the brand, you need to start by asking a series of questions. Thanks to our experience we know what questions need to be asked. We always start by researching the current competitive environment, analysing the results and ideas on how effectively and quickly reach your goals. Designing the marketing process is the beginning of all activities promoting products and services in support of the brand.

Strategy elements:
  • Brand architecture
  • Strategy in brand building
  • Marketing strategies using traditional and modern communication channels (from DM to social media)
  • Communication schemes and selecting the most effective communication channels
  • Linguistic communication strategies (use of language in the marketing communications)
  • Loyalty, incentive, promotion, and competition mechanisms in sales, in b2b and b2c sectors
  • Analysis and marketing research
  • Document analysis in an effort to win grants and support
  • Identifying the competition and analising their means of communication, as well as their effectiveness
  • In-depth study and analysis of competitors’ activities
  • Creating reports summarising the research and analysis
  • Determining strategic objectives
  • Zidentyfikowania i opis grupy docelowej
  • Segmenting and selecting communication media and tools
  • Preparing materials for the creation of: Big Ideas, distinguishing features, characteristics, brand promise
  • Project scheduling