• We optimise the costs of projects and campaigns for the budgets available to the customer

  • We recommend the selection of appropriate marketing tools in order to achieve the objective

Each idea needs a proper setting. Its quality must be great, so that it doesn’t detract from the brand itself, but actually attracts attention forcefully.

We translate ideas, images and words of a specific product with an eye-catching billboard; an attractive internet app; an image that will begin association with your product; a film, which will start a discussion.


  • Printed materials, large and small formats (billboards, nets, wrapping, stick on materials, catalogs, leaflets, commercial products, brochures, business cards, folders bids)
  • Multimedia and interactive materials (tactical and corporate web pages, multimedia presentations, intranet and web applications)
  • Digital and offset printing at affordable prices
  • DTP and prepress
  • Printing (flyers, brochures, catalogs, folders, print ads), large and small formats
  • Organising photoshoots (open air, studio sessions)
  • Footage (3D, TV spots)
  • Audio (radio spots, songs, “szeptanki” movies)
  • Advertising gadgets